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Why Quattro Hunting?
Quattro Hunting not only offers products to its customers, but also a solution for hunting and hiking clothes. We have made our offer so that we can fully meet the needs, combining it with fashion and functionality. To do this, we gathered the experience of our own and professional hunters and hikers who used to face the shortcomings of  hunting clothes every day.

Unique products
Our company is trying to meet the ever changing fashion, materials and styles. In regards, our materials vary depending on these conditions.  As a result, particular products are only available in our webshop for a shorter period of time. Of course, this does not change the quality of the garments, because we can get better and better materials on our ways to Italy.

As a small business, we often had to face the competition created by multinational companies. With a lot of work and perseverance, the manufactory managed to survive in this situation, our customers are satisfied and regularly return to us. Since we work in small batches, few in number, we can pay attention to each product, its quality and forth carrying out 100%, and jointly solve any problems.

What are the products made of?
It was important for us that the material of our hunting clothes was durable and timeless.
We mainly buy and manufacture the raw materials for our products from Italy, but we also have partnerships with excellent Polish companies. Both the Italian and Polish materials companies can provide high quality, which is essential for hunting clothing.

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