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The hunter was sitting under a tree when he saw the young 330-pound bear.

A 67-year-old hunter was attacked by a bear in a forest near Ajdovscina in southwest Slovenia this year, the second bear attack in the country, the local press said on Wednesday.

At the end of June, an 80-year-old woman was attacked by a mother bear in a village 15 kilometers south of Ljubljana with two cubs. The injuries of the elderly woman were also not severe. The forest service then decided to shoot the bears, but animal protection activists prevented it.

There is intense debate in the Slovenian society about what measures to take against the increased bear and wolf population.

Just two days before the first bear attack, the government adopted an emergency law to thwart bears that cause a lot of harm and endanger human beings. According to this, 200 bears will have to die, 175 of them will be killed, and the rest are expected to die naturally.


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